The family have been farmers in and around Radnorshire and in the Herefordshire borders since at least the 16th century. We are all direct descendants of the Lloyd Bonesetters, whose healing exploits and abilities to get 'done in' for their  wares are often told or displayed in the local pubs much to our bemusement.

Bill and Mary bought this stock farm in 1983 moving from  Llanbister.  Fforddlas has been in its time a Dairy, Beef and Sheep farm  after Bill died the decision was taken to reduce the sheep flock and manage the farm in a different manner. Parts now are set aside for woodland and the encouragement of wildlife. The old tin sheep buildings have been demolished and the barn renovated.

 Mary is the local church warden and the family matriarch to our many cousins while Becky and Steve, (aka the twins) despite advancing years, spend too much of their time hitting a ball with a stick, be it Hockey, Cricket or Golf. Becky's husband Bob is also a slave to Hockey while Steve's wife Helen fritters her salary on a season ticket watching the Scarlets lose.

As we are new to this hospitality lark and as such you will find no prices on this web site. The plan is to find guests who get great value and who  want to come back and in different seasons of the year. The hope is that the Barn becomes a comfortable home from home for them and us. Use the contact form link to discuss.  Please let us know what works or doesn't and finally,enjoy yourself.

p.s. Also please close any gates that you may go through as life's too short too spend it chasing sheep!   

​​The Barn, Fforddlas